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Why you need a recruitment partner with globalisation and mobility credentials

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​Growing demand in the renewable energy sector has resulted in a critical shortage of talent for many local employers. According to the Global Energy Review 2021, produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy generation is set to increase by more than 8% by the end of 2021. China, a leader in terms of training and retaining specialists in the renewable field, is set to account for more than half of this generated energy. 

The challenge is clear: in order to reach sustainability goals and become leaders in the renewable energy market, businesses need to be able to access the right talent at the right time. While longer term plans involve an increased focus on STEM in education and training, companies are left with a short term issue: a local shortage of qualified employees with which to grow their teams. 

Many are looking abroad to countries with a larger workforce to fill the gap and drive innovation, but this approach isn’t without its challenges. Finding, hiring and mobilising talent abroad comes with added complexities to the typical recruitment process. 

Navigating foreign legislation and processes is time consuming, with each country following its own set of rules. Remaining compliant in each region proves to be challenging, and can place organisations and employees at risk. In cases where relocation is needed, companies need to consider the requirements in terms of travel insurance, medical and tax arrangements, and ensuring all visas and permits are in place.

Even teams willing to take on these challenges themselves often run into the practical issue of not having access to an international database of appropriate talent. As the number of opportunities in the energy sector continues to increase, organisations face difficulties in standing out and attracting the right people. 

With tight turnaround times, many companies can’t afford the time it takes to find suitable talent. And while typical recruitment partners go a long way in alleviating administrative pressures, specialised industries need a team that understands their specific requirements and pain points. This becomes particularly useful in competitive fields where efficient contract negotiations and experience of local markets can accelerate the hiring and onboarding process. 

Now more than ever, the job market in the renewables sector is dynamic, with companies needing to move faster than competitors to make a real difference. The WRS network consists of over 850 skilled contractors at any given time, across every continent, giving our clients the competitive advantage – no matter where they’re looking. 

As experts in the energy sector, we are able to match candidates to the needs of individual projects, leading to more successful long term partnerships. We take care of the verification of all qualifications and education of candidates, as well as credentials, medical screenings and background checks. This enables our clients to cut down on the time it takes to scale, and allows for rapid expansion in busy markets. 

Give your company the support it needs to scale up by partnering with an expert in scarce skills recruitment.