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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) at WRS.

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​In our blog earlier this year, we explored what businesses should do to successfully implement an equality and diversity policy. Business leaders have an important part to play in implementing practical initiatives to help workplaces transition to more diverse and accepting spaces.

At WRS, we decided to take this one step further with our Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging promise. As a global business, equality has always been high on our agenda. That’s why we chose to build standards that include Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for all our employees, candidates and clients. We’re working hard to ensure we have a robust framework in place and that we share this throughout the business and beyond.

We started with a review of our current progress. We asked the question: where are we now?

As a starting point, we are brought together by our shared values and vision, the ‘WRS DNA’ which unites us all. We’re all part of our company culture, a culture that’s been described as ‘a positive environment that focuses on achievement’. It’s a unique culture which celebrates, rewards, welcomes and supports. This has helped us to build the company we are today. But we don’t want to stop there.

So, then we had to ask ourselves the next question: where do we want to be?

Our EDIB framework focuses on building a workplace for the future, that will benefit team members, stakeholders, candidates and clients.

Equality is about creating a community where everyone feels welcome, no matter their background, differences, challenges or experiences.

We invite people from all walks of life to join us at WRS and celebrate their culture with us. By doing so, we show our candidates and clients we have diversity and that they will be fully represented by our diverse organisation.

As a business, we provide a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can bring their whole self to work. With a collaborative attitude we empower every team member to be involved and share their ideas. Giving everyone a voice truly makes us an inclusive organisation.

And finally, we all play a part in truly listening to the voices of our WRS community. This means our people feel a sense of acceptance and belonging, which is vital not only for the individual but also the company. If a person truly feels they belong in an organisation, why would they want to leave it?

Together with our EDIB champions Ruel, Csenge and Jordan we are creating initiatives and events that celebrate our differences and help us to keep our EDIB promise. By supporting and caring for each other with more understanding and tolerance we show our WRS community is inclusive, and every member is equal.

A short video is already in the making to highlight our EDIB framework and we will be sharing much more over the coming weeks and months. Follow us on LinkedIn to see how we do.