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3 Smart Ways To Beat The Energy Talent Squeeze

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You don’t need us to remind you that there’s a global energy talent shortage. 

We know how hard it is to recruit staff right now. 

We also understand that more and more people are thinking about career changes – causing talent pains on both fronts.

According to the 2022 GETI Report, 54% of hiring managers reported an increase in Renewables sector pay over the past year. 

Meanwhile, three-quarters of workforce respondents would consider switching to another energy sector in the next three years, with Oil & Gas being the second most popular choice, just behind Power.

The war for talent is intensifying. But while we can’t change the state of the industry, we can offer ideas to overcome its obstacles and keep performing to full capacity. 

So, here’s three smart and achievable ways to get around the energy talent squeeze.

1. Hire international contractors

Filling roles for your projects needn’t start and end with local contractors, especially for global operations. 

Where you might come against constraints with clearing nationals to work overseas, expanding your search to hire international contractors offers a much more flexible method of staff deployment.

With a global talent pool to draw from, it can be easier to find the specialised expertise you need with a rich diversity of ideas and skill sets. And if you incorporate this as an ongoing approach, you could make noticeable savings on the benefits and entitlements that would come as a prerequisite with permanent staff.

Top talent exists everywhere. 

So instead of letting your recruitment struggles dictate your capacity, consider using international contractors to meet your demands with fewer limitations. 

It’s a proven method for realising your potential and tackling the shortage.

2. Offer training

The transition away from conventional fuel is increasingly popular, but Renewables companies still have a lot of work to do. 

The above report shows that 86% of this workforce would consider relocating for their job, including to competitors. 

To attract and retain the people you need, enhanced training and development programmes are the way to go.

There’s a desire among the energy workforce to learn new skills and future-proof their careers – and they’re not afraid to move for it. 

In fact, in the last 18 months, 21% of the Renewables workforce joined from another sector. And when it comes to more technical roles, there’s a lack of experienced field technicians and engineers in Renewables. 

This is where Oil & Gas have more pulling power.

Essentially, all talent is on the move, and to maintain your conventional fuel operations – or expand your Renewables capacity – you need to demonstrate your potential for growth. 

By providing training and development programmes, you can feed people’s urge to enhance their skill sets, while helping them visualise a future at your business. 

This gives existing staff a reason to stay, and shows others why they should join your business.

3. Partner with a workforce solutions provider

Thinking about making a move for international contractors? There’s much to consider, from payroll and tax compliance, to Visa and accommodation. And this is where specialist solutions become invaluable. 

With a vast understanding of the industry (including the latest red tape), experts will mobilise workers on your behalf and draw from a reliable talent pool of professionals to meet your needs on demand. 

Keeping on top of all these essentials yourself while staffing an entire project is a mammoth task. 

So instead of wading through individual contractors' pay and all the different legalities involved, hand this over to a trusted provider and free up your time to spend elsewhere.

An end-to-end solution from WRS

At WRS, we pride ourselves on our staffing solution that delivers all the above and more. 

We’ll source the right people for the job, whether it’s for permanent placements or temporary contracts, and our end-to-end service is designed to take on the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

We’ll ensure you’re operating compliantly within the payroll and tax laws of relevant jurisdictions, with a bespoke approach that suits you. 

Plus, we offer fully managed services where required.

If you need help beating the talent squeeze, we’re here to give you staffing peace of mind, so you can refocus your energy on developing the rest of your business. 

To find out more about how we can help, get in touch today.