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Battle Of The Day Rates: Why Money Shouldn’t Always Be The Deciding Factor

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Time for your next assignment?

If you didn’t already know, there’s a major talent shortage in the energy industry right now. This means employers are battling with each other to secure people like you for their upcoming projects.

But before you make your move based entirely on the day rate offer, there are other factors you might want to consider.

Now we’re not about to tell you that money doesn’t matter, because we all know it does. But failing to look beyond this when deciding on a project could leave you in a sticky situation. Your wellbeing on the job, the logistical support you receive, and your future career opportunities are priceless, and well worth contemplating alongside the financial gain.

Here, we offer a helpful guide on what else you should be thinking about, and why it really pays to look beyond the money to find the right assignment for you.

Better benefits 

A competitive day rate is just one of many benefits that will define whether your next job works out. Employers can and should be offering you value in other forms, such as an agreeable leave allocation, fair and flexible shift patterns, plus many other perks.

What’s important to you may differ from other applicants, so it’s worth reading the small print to ensure your preferences and lifestyle are a good fit with what’s on the table.

Team reputation

Before running straight to the company with the biggest pay packet, remember you’ve actually got to work there. If your experience on the job isn’t what you’d imagined, then the money in your bank may not seem as worth it by the end of the project. A crucial factor here is the team and environment you’ll be working within.

Our advice? Research the organisation to find out how other candidates and employees got on. There’s often no better place to gain an accurate insight than straight from the horse's mouth.

Career Progression

What are your long-term plans in the energy industry? Maybe you’re looking to make the shift to renewables, or perhaps you want to develop your current skill set to make that step up to a more technical position with more responsibility.

Whatever the goal, you’re much more likely to achieve it when you start making the right decisions in the short term. That means choosing employers that offer additional training or upskilling opportunities specific to your area of interest.

Even if earning good money is your ultimate aim, putting your progression first now is the way to secure top dollar in the future.

Recruitment expertise

Many employers will have an outside recruiter on board to help source the people needed for a project.

If that recruiter is experienced with a specialism in the energy industry, they’re much more likely to ensure vital logistics and legislation are taken care of, leaving you to focus on succeeding in your role.

This could include tax compliance, organising travel and accommodation, or even setting up aftercare support.

Make your next move with WRS

Analysing every detail of each employer can be tedious. By the time you’ve assessed the benefit packages, workplace reputation and progression opportunities at every potential company, you could be burnt out before you’ve even started your role.

At WRS, we have experts who can provide these insights for you. 

Combining extensive knowledge of the energy market with a genuine care for our candidates and contractors, you can be sure that your needs, goals and preferences are taken into consideration.

We’ll work closely with you to find the right fit, whilst also ensuring you go away with the correct take-home pay – at a rate that works for you.

To find out more about how we can mobilise your energy career, get in touch today. Ready to get the ball rolling now? Register with us and take a look at our live roles. Your next opportunity awaits.