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Embrace Global Mobility Opportunities With WRS

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Global mobility has taken the world by storm, offering a host of opportunities for workers to enhance their careers – and in some cases, build new lives.

What’s more, as various disciplines grapple with the skills shortage, overseas workers are in higher demand than ever before.

In the energy industry in particular, there’s an abundance of projects opening up around the world – with plans announced by the EU to fast-track permits for renewable projects.

Although global mobility provides opportunity, naturally, there are challenges along the way too.

However, as long as you do your research and find the role most suited to you, global mobility could be the start of a very exciting new chapter in your career… 

Overcoming hurdles

The challenges that lay ahead for each worker will vary depending on numerous factors, such as job discipline, background, contract length, and more. 

But some of the most crucial issues for contractors span from new countries and settings, to language barriers and adapting to a different culture.  

An experienced recruitment company can help to tackle these challenges, using their insight into various markets and organisations to support each individual. This eases the stress and anxiety that can occur when relocating.

Staying compliant overseas

Beyond the logistical side of moving abroad, contractors should consider what will be expected of them professionally and legally prior to accepting a role.

For example, it’s important to understand the implications of taking home pay within the tax and payroll guidelines of the host country, as well as your home nation. 

The amount of money workers can send back to their home country should also be taken into account, so it could be worth seeking support from a reliable recruitment agency. 

Recruiters who specialise in global mobility will have a much deeper understanding of payroll, income tax, and other legalities due to their day-to-day experience. They could also have a relationship with the organisation offering the job vacancy.

Choosing your recruitment agency

There’s no shying away from the fact that moving abroad for work purposes is daunting, but it’s also an incredible opportunity. So, how do you make the most of it? 

Reduce the stress and enlist a recruitment agency that more than knows what they’re doing.

As an end-to-end global mobility services provider, WRS engages with candidates from around the world to secure their ideal appointment and support them throughout their transition. 

Even when workers have made their move, our team will continue to provide 24/7 support. Each WRS consultant specialises in specific industries, disciplines and regions to offer you the best possible service, and guide you through all your recruitment needs.

Make your move with WRS

Here at WRS, liaising with candidates from around the globe to find their next role is what we do best.

Our teams put people first at every step of the journey. If you’re ready to start yours, get in touch with us today, or take a look at our latest job opportunities.