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Prioritising Our People | WRS

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Our teams are spread across marine, renewables, oil and gas, and technology divisions – an incredibly diverse bunch that each brings something to the table. And retaining these valuable team members is an important part of the WRS ethos.

We prioritise growth, autonomy, and ambition. From day one, we upskill employees while carving a workplace culture where individuals feel valued, respected, and trusted. 

So, what do our teams have to say about working with WRS? Let’s take a look…

A trusting environment

To us, trust is a two-way street. We trust our employees, but recognise that them trusting us is just as important – and we also know that we need to earn (and maintain) that trust.

We instil transparency and confidence in our workforce so that everyone feels assured, and in turn, has faith in us. Ultimately, we encourage our team to feel just as enthusiastic and passionate about the future as we do. 

“I have trust in the business leaders at WRS, and feel they have trust in me.” – James Cant, Energy Divisional Manager. 

Autonomy and accountability 

We don’t just say we trust our staff, we act on it too. After all, how can someone grow unless we encourage our employees to make their own informed decisions?

An autonomous and accountable environment means team members bring unique ideas and knowledge to the table, while promoting confidence and responsibility. 

As a result, our employees are better equipped to climb the ladder of success and achieve their career goals. 

“One of the key factors of my success is the autonomy the business has allowed me whilst constantly supporting the development work I have produced.” – Christopher Morton-Collings, 12 years as Global Business Development Manager.

Growth and opportunity 

Like many businesses, we prioritise growth opportunities for everyone in the workforce and the company as a whole. 

For instance, we encourage team members to train and mentor fellow staff, which allows them to develop in their roles. 

“With the guidance and support of WRS, I’ve progressed from Trainee to Senior Recruitment Consultant and am a mentor to many of our new starters in the division. Having the responsibility of training and mentoring new employees has helped my growth significantly, and I’m thankful to WRS for giving me the opportunity.” – Stuart McNeil, 4 years as Marine Lead Consultant.

Prioritise people

People are our purpose at WRS – and it all starts with our employees. We want our staff to feel good about their roles, which includes everything from the workplace environment and relationships, to career progression opportunities. 

Almost every conversation we’ve had with team members from all disciplines expresses how much the people at WRS matter to them. We support people at every step of their careers.

“I love the WRS culture, and my colleagues, I couldn’t imagine doing the job without the support from my fantastic team.” – Tarnie Williams, 8 years as Marine Account Manager.

Celebrating those who’ve stayed with us

We’re incredibly proud to have retained such a huge amount of talent over the years. In 2022, there were plenty of milestones to celebrate: 

  • Francis Dunleavy: 13 years 

  • Christopher Morton-Collings: 11 years 

  • Mary O’Malley: 9 years 

  • Lucy Smith: 8 years 

  • Emma Upton: 6 years 

  • Richard Baillie-Gray: 5 years 

  • Jennifer Croft: 5 years 

  • James Cant: 5 years

  • Pippa Glendining: 4 years 

If you’d like to join the ranks at WRS and develop your career, send your CV to Emma Upton.