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​Striving Towards Our Decarbonisation Goals

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Investing in our planet means investing in our future. And this means everyone around the globe must do their bit to reduce climate change.

At WRS, we’re acutely aware of our responsibility to reduce emissions and strive towards a greener world. 

With that in mind, we’re boosting our efforts in line with our business model, our director’s own sustainability ambitions, and the UK’s environmental legislation. 

Read on to see how we’re shaking things up.

Minimising impact

Everyone knows there are two ways to combat climate change: reducing carbon and reversing it. So we’ve started several initiatives to have a more positive impact on the planet: 

  • Supporting hybrid working and mapping efficient travel routes between client meetings

  • Reducing and recycling waste and becoming a paperless office 

  • Using local supply chains to procure goods where possible 

  • Support the development and sourcing of clients in the renewables energy sector 

  • Minimising energy use in our IT server room by moving to a cloud-based system 

  • Switching equipment off and minimising server energy use by moving to a cloud-based system

  • Operating a cycle-to-work scheme & encouraging electric vehicles 

Maximising commitments 

Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions isn’t enough. We want to eliminate our carbon output and even reverse the effects to make a tangible difference to the planet. 

So by 2040, WRS aims to reach net zero, aligning our Carbon Management Plan with ISO 14001 and PAS 2060 accreditation. And as we transition to net zero, we’ll also invest in verified carbon projects and those which remove carbon from the atmosphere. 

We’re now calculating our carbon footprint to create real and measurable targets for WRS. 

Plus, we’ll continue to support our contractors, service providers, suppliers, and our additional core business partners to reach their environmental targets too. 

Achieving our environmental policy 

We know that we can’t achieve our targets alone. That’s why we’ve now joined forces with Climate Partner

However, it’s not enough to talk the talk. We also need to walk the walk, by doing the following: 

  • Evaluate our operations to make sure they’re as efficient as possible

  • Minimise toxic emissions by selecting and using greener power sources

  • Boost awareness of our environmental policy internally and encourage the sharing of ideas to become more environmentally responsible

  • Source and promote products that minimise the impact of manufacturing and distribution

  • Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that applies to WRS

  • Continue to measure our progress and set targets for areas of improvement

Be part of a greener future with WRS...


Bringing about change goes beyond day-to-day adjustments – it requires action across the board. This year, WRS is committed to becoming carbon neutral in 2023. 

To find out more about our environmental policy, or to talk to our team about the opportunities available with WRS, get in touch today.