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EDIB Activities 2022

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​You might ask what is EDIB?

Well it's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion but with a WRS twist!

We felt belonging was fundamental to ED&I, so we added it to create the WRS EDIB charter which is in place to benefit all our people.

Throughout the year we host and participate in many events to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and our people. Here are just some of the events in 2022.

Chinese New Year

LGBTQ+ History month - to raise awareness we asked all our people to think about someone they admire, past or present from the LGBTQ community.

International Women's Day - a big shout out to all our WRS women this day. Without you all we wouldn't succeed.

St Patrick's Day - we asked everyone to wear something green, just for fun.

World Food Day No.1 - To raise awareness and consciousness of the fantastic diversity in our workplace we asked everyone to bring in food from their culture to share with the team. It's always really interesting to learn about new food and even better to have the chance to try it.

National Writing Day - We asked our team members to write down some positive messages about their colleagues at WRS. We have a huge focus on well-being at WRS. Getting a nice message is one part of this, but giving a nice message is also a really positive thing to do that can have a huge impact on your own well-being.

Here are just some examples:

James Cantis a fab leader”
“Where would we be without Sinead Street
Ruel Briscoeis a great example of hard work and determination”
Mathewjon Spellsis a great leader who knows how to get results”

World Chocolate Day - To celebrate we gave everyone a bar of dark chocolate (filled with antioxidants, offering health benefits) and a sachet of hot chocolate to remind them to take a break from their desks, part of an important routine for daily wellbeing.

Singapore National Day - Our Singapore team celebrated by bringing in foods from their cultures for everyone to share and what a feast it was!

Litter Picking - Being a team player is part of the 'WRS DNA' so it's great when our people demonstrate that team attitude. Several of our people went out litter picking for Recycle Week. We collected 6 large bags of rubbish which could have caused harm to the local wildlife, and we helped our wellbeing by getting out of the office for some exercise and fresh air. Thank you to all who took part!

WRS Wellbeing Day - Wellbeing is a state of healthy mind and body and while we all know the importance of physical health, mental health can sometimes be overlooked. That’s why we organised our first wellbeing day speaker and invited Dan Wilsherto share his experiences and offer us advice about how to maintain good mental health.

International Men's Day - We couldn't miss sending out a huge #kudos to all our WRS men. They truly are a great bunch to work with!

World Food Day No.2 - another great mix of foods from different cultures.

Secret Santa, Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas bake off - a great week of fun and food.

And who could forget the Christmas parties - our final thank you events of the year for our people because

People are our purpose!