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From Blueprint To Reality: The Role Of A Project Manager In Construction

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Despite what some may think, the construction sector isn’t just about hands-on manual work. There are plenty of roles behind the scenes that are crucial to a construction project’s operation – one of which is a project manager. 

From environmental concerns and safety regulations, to time constraints and legal issues, the sector is no stranger to challenges, but taking up a role as a project manager in construction can be an exciting opportunity.

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What does a project manager do? 

Construction project managers are responsible for ensuring their projects are running smoothly and on track for completion. While these roles vary depending on the employer and project specifics, typically, project managers can expect to use their problem-solving and communication skills daily. 

As part of their job, they’ll:

  • Review budget targets

  • Communicate with contractors and other relevant parties 

  • Double-check regulations are being followed 

  • Schedule and attend meetings 

  • Conduct a site walk if present

Working hours are usually between 8am to 6pm, and depending on how close their office is to the construction site, they’ll spend a balanced amount of time at both. This is also influenced by their previous experience.

As for the salary, project managers in the US can expect to earn between $72,500 and $128,097.

Understanding the role 

Although a construction project manager’s job doesn’t usually involve manual labor, some knowledge of how the work is carried out is crucial – especially if you need to accurately project the amount of time a task will take. 

This will also make communicating with general contractors and subcontractors much easier too, as you’ll have a better understanding of what their role entails. A project manager should also possess humility and good diplomacy skills, so if there are any major conflicts or interpersonal disagreements, you can work towards a resolution effectively.  

Ultimately, to carry out the role successfully, you need to understand the ins and outs of your position, and those you work with.

How to become a project manager 

Start by considering your background: do you have experience in managing projects or in the construction sector? If so, you’re on the right track. But even if you don’t, there are still avenues that can lead you to a construction project manager role. Let’s take a closer look: 

1. Examine your current skill set 

Do you possess strong leadership and organizational skills? Have you had experience in a similar role, or within the sector? Make sure you fully assess your current abilities before moving on to the next step. 

2. Secure a related degree 

While some organizations will accept a Bachelor’s degree, most will want you to have a Master’s degree in civil engineering. So you may need to enroll in a course if you’re interested in being a project manager. 

3. Work in the industry 

Businesses and organizations much prefer project managers with previous industry experience – and by this, we don’t mean just a few weeks. You need solid work in the construction sector for at least a few years to make it to project management level. 

4. Gain relevant certificates 

A lot of employers want potential candidates to have obtained a good range of certificates that will enhance and support their ability to carry out the project manager role. Consider securing health and safety or occupational health courses. 

5. Enlist recruitment specialists

Finding and securing a project manager role at the right company can be tough – especially when you’re busy with your daily responsibilities. By reaching out to a specialist end-to-end recruiter like WRS, you can take full advantage of our expertise, connections and knowledge to help you secure a project manager position.

Start your journey with WRS 

Are you ready to launch your project manager career in construction? Or are you a current Project Manager looking for a new challenge in the Construction sector? Our dedicated recruiters will help you get noticed in this fast-paced and exciting industry. 

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