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​Considering a Career Change? Avoid These Common Mistakes

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Have you ever cast a glance at a friend's intriguing job and thought, I wouldn’t mind trying that? Maybe you see a neighbour with a luxurious new car and think I wonder what they do. It's natural to find ourselves comparing our career paths to those around us, especially on a mundane Monday morning when the grass seems greener elsewhere. Yet, before you take the leap into a new career, take a breath, do your homework, and delve into this blog. Here, we'll guide you through sidestepping the pitfalls that often accompany job transitions.

Differentiate Between Your Job And Your Career

During moments of job dissatisfaction, it's easy to misconstrue your feelings as a distaste for your entire career trajectory or industry. Instead of rushing into conclusions, invest time in dissecting your true sources of unhappiness. Craft a list detailing the factors dampening your job experience. Upon review, highlight elements linked specifically to your current job—such as the company culture or commute—in one colour, and shade another set of factors tied to the industry itself, such as working hours or colleagues. Now, consider this- if you were part of a different organisation, would the industry-related issues still persist? If you find that industry-related concerns outweigh job-specific problems, it might be an indicator that a broader career change is in order.

Thorough Research Is Key

Idealised notions of a new industry can often cloud our judgment. Take education, for instance. Is it all about inspiring students to be poetic like Robin Williams in "The Dead Poet's Society," or does it entail wrangling unruly classrooms and paperwork? To truly grasp the reality, diligent research is imperative. Begin by reaching out to individuals already entrenched in your target field. Platforms like LinkedIn ( or personal networks within friends and family can be invaluable. Consider dipping your toes into the water with unpaid work experience or a day of volunteering. These hands-on encounters offer a glimpse into the true nature of your potential career.

Decipher Job Descriptions Realistically

Perusing job boards and scrutinising job descriptions is a crucial step. However, balance enthusiasm with practicality. While some aspects may sound thrilling, ponder whether the less appealing facets align with your skills and aspirations.

Create two lists- one cataloguing the necessary skills for the desired role and the other enumerating your personal experiences, strengths, and abilities. Connect the dots between these lists to reveal the overlap. The more intersections you identify, the more suited you are for the new venture. If gaps emerge, embrace further learning to bridge them.

Cultivate Expertise in Your Chosen Field

Immerse yourself in your chosen field. Devour books, tune into podcasts, and subscribe to pertinent publications. Many of these resources are budget-friendly or even free, ensuring your investment aligns with your interests.

Stay Realistic About Financial Implications

Industries like oil and gas might dazzle with their generous remuneration packages, but tread carefully before letting money dictate your career shift. Remember, high-paying roles often carry heightened responsibility and pressure. Assess whether this aligns with your work-life balance priorities. The journey to a substantial salary involves dedication, experience, and perseverance—it's a gradual ascent. Furthermore, transitioning into a new career might initially place you in a lower-paying entry-level position, resulting in a temporary income reduction.

Transitioning to a new career demands meticulous contemplation and informed decision-making. By differentiating between job and career fulfilment, conducting thorough research, analysing job descriptions pragmatically, cultivating expertise, and maintaining financial realism, you can navigate the path to a new career with confidence and clarity. Remember, the grass may appear greener, but with careful steps, you can cultivate your own lush field of success.

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