Highest Paying Global Jobs In The Renewables Industry

Highest Paying Global Jobs In The Renewables Industry

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The renewable energy sector is brimming with opportunities as the energy transition continues to gain momentum. Beyond the chance to make a positive contribution to the planet, there are lucrative financial benefits on the horizon, too. 

So, what job opportunities are there as you work your way up the ranks?

Solar Installer

Median Salary: $47,670 per year 

As solar power continues to illuminate the renewables landscape, the sector experienced a remarkable 167% growth in job opportunities from 2010-2020 – one of which is a solar installer. They handle the mechanical and electrical elements of solar energy systems. Plus, a lot of solar farms and power plants offer comprehensive on-the-job training to ensure new entrants acquire the necessary skills. 

Environmental Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $48,390 per year 

Environmental Engineering Technicians conceptualise strategies and remedies for addressing environmental challenges. They’re typically responsible for establishing and assessing solutions aimed at avoiding environmental contamination or remediating current pollution issues. Although it’s considered an entry-level position, many energy companies seek candidates with degrees in chemistry, environmental assessment, or hazardous waste management. 

Financial Analyst

Median Salary: $81,410 per year

There are Financial Analysts in every sector, but experts are in high-demand in the renewables industry. This is mostly because so many projects are considered ‘new’ and, therefore, require their skills to ensure profitability. 


Median Salary: $83,680 per year 

Balancing fieldwork and laboratory analysis, Geoscientists frequently engage in outdoor investigations and test their findings in a controlled environment. They’re tasked with assessing unique environmental implications while advancing energy production solutions. The role typically requires a relevant bachelor’s degree and some hands-on experience. 

Civil Engineer

Median Salary: $88,050 per year 

Civil Engineers are another dynamic and high-paying job role that isn’t exclusive to the renewables sector. They’re responsible for tasks like formulating turbine designs, conducting material evaluations, strategising system layouts, and scrutinising comprehensive reports. 

Chemical Engineer

Median Salary: $105,550 per year

As the energy sector shifts away from fossil fuels, the renewable industry is facing fresh and heightened demand for Chemical Engineers. They help develop alternative carbon sources and combat climate change, and are instrumental in crafting solutions for a sustainable future. Their responsibilities include capturing emissions, transforming raw materials into useful products, generating clean energy, and more. 

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