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Highest-Paying Job Roles In Oil And Gas

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​In the dynamic and ever-evolving oil and gas industry, lucrative job opportunities are abundant. The sector might be changing at the moment, but it still demands a skilled workforce to operate, innovate, and drive its multifaceted operations.

Understandably, workers across the industry seek professional satisfaction alongside financial rewards. So, as oil and gas workers progress their careers, there’s a slew of job roles out there for the taking.

Read on to find out the highest-paying roles across the sector…

1. Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Average Salary: $832,181

COOs in oil and gas oversee the running of major company operations and procedures day-to-day. As one of the top earners, they’re responsible for planning and coordinating to ensure the business runs efficiently and profitably. Although the role involves high pressure and responsibility, the pay is significant.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Average Salary: $439,441

With a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, CFOs are another top earner in the oil and gas industry. The role involves balancing exploration costs with product investment and commodity price fluctuations. The decisions CFOs make impact capital allocation, growth opportunities, and risk management while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks.

3. Drilling Manager

Average Salary: $143,953

The expertise of a drilling manager is highly sought after, as they direct the drilling process. From planning and site preparation to safety protocols and equipment deployment, they have to juggle responsibilities. Other key aspects involve managing technical intricacies, budget management, and compliance.

4. Operations Manager

Average Salary: $139,500

Operation Managers in the oil and gas industry bear the responsibility of ensuring seamless production while overseeing drilling, refining, and distribution operations. They also are the decision makers on where to explore fuel reserves, carrying out risk assessments when needed. The role also involves managing various technical teams and subcontractors.

5. Supply Chain Manager

Average Salary: $122,265

From procurement and inventory management to distribution and transportation, Supply Chain Managers are responsible for orchestrating a seamless supply chain network. They must navigate global markets, anticipating disruptions and devising solid contingency plans. For Supply Chain Managers to be successful, they should possess a keen eye for detail and strong problem-solving skills.

6. Project Manager

Average Salary: $98,904

Project Managers are responsible for ensuring requirements are met and mapping out a plan and schedule for the team to successfully complete the project. They collaborate with engineers, geologists, and key stakeholders to help them navigate the complexities of each project.

7. Commercial Manager

Average Salary: $77,959

In the oil and gas industry, Commercial Managers navigate the intricacies of business partnerships and transactions that fuel the sector. They must have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trending industry topics, balancing supply and demand dynamics, and leveraging financial expertise to enhance profit.

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