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Top 10 Recruited For Jobs In The Renewables

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It’s an incredibly exciting time to develop your career in the renewables industry as the energy transition continues to grow momentum across the globe. 

According to the US Department of Energy, there are just over 8 million renewable energy jobs in the US today. So, which roles are in top demand? Here are the 10 most recruited for jobs in the renewable energy sector. 

1. Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Managers typically possess strong technical backgrounds and expertise to work closely with developers, engineers, and the infrastructure team. They’re also responsible for understanding client needs, so must have good data analysis skills and the ability to work across teams to bring products to market standards. 

2. Hydrologist 

Hydrologists monitor and manage commercial water usage cost-effectively – and are in high demand across the renewable energy space. Their job is to plan, develop, and implement sustainable natural and domestic water usage. In terms of responsibilities, they track and estimate water usage and audit and analyze water quality. 

3. Design Engineer

With high-level technical knowledge and project management and problem-solving skills, Design Engineers are involved in project conception, design, development, and management. They’re responsible for analyzing and executing existing and current projects, writing technical reports, and communicating with key stakeholders. There is plenty of potential for progression, making it a great opportunity for graduates. 

4. Wind Turbine Technician 

Wind Turbine Technicians are responsible for carrying out any electrical or mechanical maintenance on wind turbines, conducting regular checks, monitoring performance, and ensuring health and safety regulations. Plus, it might involve working in adverse or varied weather conditions. Candidates must have relevant qualifications and the ability to work in a team and independently. 

5. Offshore Project Manager 

Offshore Project Managers organize wind projects and ensure they’re within budget. Their responsibilities include enhancing business development with new offshore opportunities and supporting the engineering, development, legal, and operations departments. Other aspects involve contractual negotiations and ensuring compliance with health and safety guidelines.  

6. PV Field Service Engineer 

Playing a crucial role in the solar energy sector, PV Field Service Engineers are responsible for the maintenance and repair of solar panel installations. The job involves technical troubleshooting, regular inspections, and ensuring optimal performance. Daily tasks can include equipment diagnostics, replacing faulty components, and implementing preventative measures. It’s also quite a collaborative role with other engineers. 

7. Offshore Cabling Engineer 

Offshore Cabling Engineers specialize in the design and installation of underwater cables for offshore energy projects like oil and gas platforms or wind turbines. Responsibilities include cable route planning, ensuring industry compliance, and overseeing cable installations. Offshore Cabling Engineers are crucial to establishing reliable connections for power transmission and communication to ensure efficient and sustainable offshore energy facilities. 

8. Material Scientist 

Material Scientists investigate and develop materials with specific properties for different applications. Their work involves experimentation, data analysis, and collaboration with interdisciplinary teams to advance technology and address material-related challenges. Analyzing alloys, ceramics, metals, rubbers, and polymers, they determine how materials can fit into new and existing renewable energy products.

9. Solar PV Project Developer 

Collaborating with engineers, environmental specialists, and stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance and project success, Solar PV Project Developers oversee the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects from inception to completion. Their responsibilities include site identification, feasibility studies, securing permits, negotiating contracts, and managing project financing. They also play a key role in advancing renewable energy initiatives, contributing to the growth of solar infrastructure, and fostering sustainable energy solutions. 

10. PV Design Engineer 

PV Design Engineers successfully implement project design, engineering, permitting, procurement, and interconnection for Solar Photovoltaic projects. Their main responsibilities include liaising with clients, producing health and safety-compliant designs, and troubleshooting design and construction issues. Candidates must have a relevant engineering degree and a strong enthusiasm for renewables. 

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