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Unleash The Power Of Global Mobilisation

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The energy sector stands at the forefront of global progress, with increases across all divisions set to push anticipated spending in 2023 up to a record $2.8 trillion

From harnessing wind and sun for renewables to delving into the depths of the seas for marine energy and the relentless pursuit of oil and gas, there’s no doubt the energy industry is a dynamic and essential force. And global mobilisation is the foundation that enables projects to thrive. 

Read on to discover the power of globalising your workforce. 

Global landscape 

Around the world, a host of exciting and imperative energy projects are underway or in the pipeline. The Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions are spearheading the charge in renewables with solar and wind farms. In East Africa, Uganda is a hotbed for oil and gas exploration – as demonstrated by EACOP

Understanding the energy landscape allows us to determine where valuable expertise is in demand. And completing these energy projects is only possible by globally mobilising the industry’s talent.

Challenges and opportunities 

Despite the fantastic opportunities out there for candidates and businesses, aspects like language barriers, intricate payroll systems, varying legal frameworks, and cultural disparities are just some of the challenges of globally mobilising a workforce. Additionally, securing suitable accommodation and navigating visas can also pose bottlenecks. 

What can WRS do? 

At WRS, we can be your trusted partner in global mobilisation. From the very beginning, we’ll take a holistic approach – our team is highly adept at looking after the entire process. We don’t just identify top talent or assess their skill set; we offer onboarding support alongside mobilisation and contractor aftercare. After all, we know what it takes for projects to really thrive. 

Our team are no strangers to handling the intricacies of employee payroll and compliance, all while removing the burden from contractors and clients. Beyond that, our aftercare services provide regular 1-2-1 sessions, ensuring our people are settling in and ironing out any issues they might face. 

How we’re delivering candidate mobilisation 

What does global mobilisation in action look like? Let’s take our partnership in Uganda, where we’re part of a joint venture covering permanent and fixed-term contracts. WRS takes care of taxation, social security, full payroll, and more. 

We also supported a company through our partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After another recruiter let them down, they returned to WRS in need of two contractors quickly. Our team knew how challenging this would be – but within two weeks, we had the contractors on full work permits in the docks. It’s safe to say the client was overwhelmingly pleased with this result – and we also provided our full end-to-end services, including payrolls and visas.

Get your contractors mobilised with WRS 

Are you looking to mobilise your workforce? At WRS, we have extensive experience mobilising contractors around the globe, taking care of each stage so you don’t have to. 

Learn more and contact the team today.