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Received A Counter-Offer? How To Handle The Process And Make The Right Decision

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Congratulations, you’ve landed a new job! But while a new role is always cause to celebrate, things can get complicated when it comes to handing your notice in – especially if your current employer isn’t willing to let you go so easily.

For many candidates, a counter-offer can present a big dilemma. Should you stay or should you go? Read on to learn how to handle the situation.

Consider your current role 

Why did you entertain the idea of a fresh start in the first place? If it was simply a case of salary, and your employer is willing to match or even exceed your other offer, then you might consider staying where you are. 

However, if there were any other reasons, then think: What were your original concerns or reasons for leaving your current role? Does the counter-offer address or even resolve them?

If it does, perhaps accepting it and sticking with your current employer would be the right choice. But if not, maybe it just wasn’t a strong enough counter-offer, so there could still be some room for discussion…

Speak to your current employer 

It’s worth sitting down with your current employer and having an open conversation. Ask them why they’re providing the counter-offer. Is it because of the time, effort, and the financial cost of replacing you? Or do they genuinely want you to stay and value your skills, knowledge, and experience?

This conversation could help you figure out where you stand. Plus, it may be a good opportunity to talk about other matters. For example, if there are aspects of the counter-offer that don’t meet your needs, you could talk about other changes that might entice you to stay.

Take your time

Don’t jump straight in – consider your future happiness. If you accept the counter-offer and stay in your current role, would you worry about what your manager and co-workers think of you? Could there be some jealousy of your pay rise or colleagues questioning your reliability?

Your happiness matters, too. Unless it was a matter of salary, there were probably other reasons you considered resigning. Perhaps you didn’t have a healthy work-life balance, you wanted more responsibility, or there was a lack of growth opportunities. Whatever the case, you don’t want to make a snap decision – but you don’t want to drag things out either.

Weigh up the pros and cons

If you’re feeling unsure about your next step, writing down the pros and cons of accepting the counter-offer could help. Think about job familiarity, wage, career development, and the potential for an increased sense of value. Also, consider unknown worth, other reasons for leaving, workplace dynamics, and your reputation in the industry. 

You might find that certain benefits or drawbacks decide for you – maybe your current company’s culture isn’t a good fit, or the new job means a longer commute, which could impact your overall happiness. 

Make your move with WRS

We get it. You want to make the right decision, and it could be that neither role is the one for you. If you think you’ll be searching for a new job in the renewable energy, oil and gas, marine, or construction sector in the not-too-distant future, you can turn to WRS.

We don’t simply find you a role. We support you at every step of the hiring process – from helping you prepare for an interview to facilitating a potential move abroad. So, if you’re ready to take your next step, get in touch to discover how we can help.