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Culture Matters At WRS: Our Ethos And Values

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A team is only as good as its culture – and at WRS we strive to deliver more than just ‘good’ service. Which is why we recently launched the WRS Roadmap to help guide us to success in 2024, and celebrate the ethos and values that our team uphold. 

So what makes WRS different? It’s our collective personality – we are welcoming, supportive, and respectful in everything we do. We encourage diverse voices to speak up, and believe a great idea is a collaborative one. But that’s just a quick snippet of our company culture – read on to learn more.

What we value

At WRS, we take our values seriously. Our roadmap reexamined our core principles, so we can continue to lead the way as a values-driven business.

  1. We deliver results safely: we provide a safe space where every employee is heard. On top of this, we’re committed to sustainable working practices.

  2. We work with integrity: we do the right thing when no one’s watching, uphold the highest ethics, and exemplify integrity through honesty, respect, and responsibility.

  3. We take pride in our successes: we celebrate our team’s personal and professional developments, and reward those who have excelled.

  4. We lead with expertise: we encourage staff to continuously upskill, as well as give consultants the opportunity to be trained as sector experts.

Our commitments don’t stop at our office walls. WRS have partnered with the MIK Foundation, a Ugandan charity focusing on providing shelter for orphaned children in Hoima – in fact, some of our team recently visited to donate essentials and see what impact we’ve already made. Beyond that, we’re also committed to achieving net-zero, having been recently certified carbon neutral by ClimatePartner for offsetting 386.45 tonnes of carbon emissions from 2022. 

What’s in our DNA

To deliver these values, both our brand and people must embody certain characteristics. We’re determined and cooperative team players who go the extra mile – but that isn’t all…
What our employees embody:

  • Inclusivity: we expect every team member to be accepting and respectful of others’ opinions, backgrounds and experiences. 

  • Friendliness: we believe we have one of the best teams in the business, and much of that comes from their positive and friendly attitude.

  • Encouraging: we expect our team to embody tenacity and take an energetic approach to challenges. 

  • Collaboration: solutions should work for everyone, not just a business. This is why our team always approaches problems with a customer-centric focus.

  • Honesty: we create a trusting and open working environment, where employees aren’t afraid to speak up. 

What our business embodies:

  • Change: because we expect inclusivity from our team, we also ensure our business can adapt to change when it’s needed.

  • Growth: from rewarding our team’s contributions, to providing learning opportunities for professional and personal development, we believe that growth should be facilitated, not just encouraged. 

  • Excellence: we foster an excellent work environment so we can collaborate effectively. And we maintain that excellence by supporting staff wellbeing and celebrating success.

Culture in action

Don’t just take it from us – here’s what some of our employees had to say about working at WRS…

“During my time at WRS, I’ve experienced the core aspects of our culture that make it an excellent company to work for. It’s a collaborative environment where we collectively contribute to impactful projects, valuing everyone’s ideas. WRS appreciates hard work, commitment, and dedication, placing employee wellbeing as a top priority.” – Emma Upton, joined in 2015

“WRS gave me the chance to transition from a Marine Officer to a successful recruiter, with guidance and support. I’ve advanced from Trainee to Senior Recruitment Consultant and now mentor new team members. The flexibility to work remotely and with the team is a great benefit.” 

– Stuart McNeil, joined in 2018

“At WRS, egos are left behind as we embrace a true meritocracy where good ideas are valued from anyone. Open conversations with senior staff and peers are encouraged, reflecting the trust in our team’s capabilities. We provide autonomy and real opportunities for advancement.” 

– David Crawley, joined in 2019

Your new role awaits at WRS

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