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7 Top Paying Jobs In The Maritime Sector

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The marine energy industry has seen substantial growth in recent years – production is expected to reach 0.90bn KWh in 2024, and the annual growth rate is anticipated to be 2.67% between 2024 and 2028. 

And with great prosperity comes exciting opportunities for candidates. In this blog, we share the seven highest paying jobs in the maritime sector, to inform the next stage of your job search.

  1. Ship Captain

Median salary: £65,000
A Ship Captain, sometimes known as a ‘Ship Master’, is responsible for commanding the vessel and maintaining its overall operation. They manage the safety of the craft, crew, passengers, and cargo. Decision-making skills and delegation are key, as they must determine the route, assign important duties, and stay calm in a crisis.

  1. Marine Superintendent

Median salary: £62,000
Marine Superintendents play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of their ship, as well as making sure they’re environmentally sound. As well as managing the crew and personnel, they play a pivotal role in emergency response and crisis management – so must be calm under pressure.

  1. Marine Engineer 

Median salary: £39,000

Marine Engineers handle the design, construction, and maintenance of vessels. Along with safety, they must guarantee effective functioning – they may also need to resolve technical problems, carry out repairs, and find ways to make the craft more efficient.

  1. Marine Surveyor 

Median salary: £39,000
This important role involves assessing marine equipment and the boat’s structure in order to address safety concerns and wear-and-tear. If relevant, they will determine its market value – and if a vessel is damaged, they may inspect it for insurance purposes. 

  1. Port Engineer 

Median salary: £38,000
A Port Engineer has a range of responsibilities, with the key one being to deliver engineering support to a craft, specifically when it’s at the port as the name suggests. For example by making sure it satisfies safety requirements, and dealing with relevant technical features of infrastructure and operations.

  1. Ship Pilot 

Median salary: £35,000
Like a Ship Captain, a Pilot commands the boat. Their main responsibility is to direct the vessel’s speed and course within the port area. They also help the crew with navigation around other risky areas, meaning a commitment to safety and ability to work in a team is essential in this position.

  1. Marine Technician  

Median salary: £29,000
Marine Technicians take on the responsibility of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing ships. This includes assessing the engine, hulls, navigation equipment and more in order to identify and report any faults.

Other high-paying roles

While these may be the top-paying jobs on average, they’re far from the only lucrative positions you’ll find in the maritime sector. So if you’re searching for your next career move onboard a vessel, consider the following…

  • Air/SAT diver supervisor: Involves assessing tidal conditions, shipping, visibility, and weather.

  • Deck crew: Tasks revolve around preparing the vessel and maintaining everything on deck. 

  • Crane operator and lift supervisor: Coordinate and oversee activities to conform with the Lifting Plan. 

  • DPO and SDPO: Dynamic Positioning Operators, or those senior in the role, are in charge of the positioning system on board the vessel.

  • Officer: This position involves a variety of tasks, including passage planning, cargo loading, and ship stability. 

  • ROV Supervisor: They oversee the operation of the ROV system, which also includes supervising relevant operators.

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