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Global Mobilisation In Action

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Demand for talent is soaring around the globe – the need for specialised skills and expertise knows no bounds. 

WRS is enabling the successful execution of energy projects in over 90 international locations, taking care of the whole process with extensive end-to-end services and removing hassle for both candidates and clients. 

We provide support at every stage of the mobilisation cycle, onboarding personnel following client instruction. Our contractor care team are experts in delivering full support, ensuring contractors have everything they need before they travel. This end-to-end service creates peace of mind for our personnel – they travel to remote regions knowing they have the correct documentation, approvals, and travel bookings. Through our 24/7 service to all personnel and clients, we make sure that every eventuality has been assessed prior to anyone leaving home.

We understand the complexities and intricate elements involved in mobilising talent. So, join us as we showcase the peaks and troughs of mobilising candidates. 


WRS has been working with a Greek-owned oil company for approximately nine years. The firm has operations in Greece, Israel, and Italy – and we’ve supported them with numerous operations around the globe. They’ve just constructed and mobilised a floating production storage offload (FPSO) from Singapore’s shipyards to their large offshore oil-producing field in Israel.

WRS fully supported the operator, EPC, and shipyard owner throughout this process, utilising various global teams. WRS Singaporeprovided the employment, immigration, and contracted payroll services locally, while WRS HQ delivered the end-to-end recruitment services, and then took over the employment contracting once the vessel had departed Singapore. Throughout the process, the WRS Contractor Care team has been involved, enabling smooth transition for our personnel in the global mobility phases.


After another company unfortunately couldn’t mobilise their workforce, the client turned to WRS for support. 

The WRS team was provided with a two-week limit to mobilise two contractors to the United Arab Emirates for a short-term commissioning project in Dubai’s shipyard. Typically, this process can take over two months, but the WRS team was able to support our client to deliver fully approved local work permits within the time frame – something the client had never seen before. WRS has now been retained by them as a preferred supplier for global mobility services.  

East Africa 

WRS has been focused on East Africa for the last 11 years, initially providing exploration project personnel for the main oil company client in Uganda. As the project reached FID, we were already prepared with fully compliant local employment and contracting solutions in both Uganda and Tanzania.

Through our local joint venture partner, Q-Sourcing, we have formed a market-leading business delivering first-class services in the country. We’re providing our full suite of recruitment, contracting, payroll and HR Consultancy services to all clients in both countries.

The major challenges in Uganda and Tanzania are immigration, work permits, travel logistics, and accommodation support in remote locations. The WQS Recruitment Services JV has excelled in delivering all these services, looking after the whole mobilisation process, including visas, health checks, and more. This has led us to be commended repeatedly by clients for our swift and smooth support services. We’ll now be entering new countries in Africa to further develop major projects in the oil and gas and renewable energies spaces. 

Mobilise your talent with WRS  

Are you looking to get your workers to the right destination? WRS has extensive experience deploying contractors around the globe for a series of energy projects. 

From finding the candidate to ensuring work permits are signed off, we can provide the whole package. 

To find out more, get in touch with us today.