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Going Above And Beyond In Global Mobilisation

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Mobilising candidates always comes with challenges – but at WRS, we never let that stop us. We work to resolve issues, ensuring minimal struggle with the move.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some real-world scenarios where WRS were able to step in and smooth things out.

Rectifying delays

A candidate experienced multiple holdups in mobilisation due to a work permit delay. Our Contractor Care team offered their expertise, staying in constant communication with said candidate, and eventually representing them to resolve the issue. Once it was rectified, we mobilised the candidate within weeks.

We also faced a similar problem in Tanzania, where candidates experienced setbacks around the receipt of tax certificates. WRS collaborated with authorities and worked hard to ensure this issue was resolved in a timely manner.

Surpassing contractor needs

A contractor was on allowance for accommodation, but couldn’t find a suitable place to live. We stepped in, and within two days, found an apartment that met their exact criteria. It wasn’t within our original project scope, but we used our local knowledge and relationships to help them get settled.

And our work doesn’t stop at home – we’ve also helped our clients with travel issues. For many contractors their travel plans will be fixed, but they may still want the flexibility to upgrade their tickets or make changes within reason. We recognise the importance of this, so we liaised with travel providers to make sure that if candidates want to use points or upgrade, they can.

Support in times of crisis

We provide our candidates with support through periods of crisis.

In one particular instance, a contractor was injured in an incident. We helped by assisting with the police, as well as their hospital care, checking up on the contractor in-person. We know how scary these situations can be, especially when working abroad in a foreign country – so we’ll always be there to coordinate any difficult circumstances.

Managing impact for groups of contractors

Unfortunately, there have been cases where a contractor has been demobilised during a project – this isn’t something that just affects the individual, but the team around them. In such cases, we handle the situation by openly communicating with the demobilised contractor and their team, minimising the impact for everyone. 

Aligning our services to client needs

We go the extra mile for our clients too. From carrying out cost reviews, to identifying the most competitive supplier deals on the market, we never want our clients to be caught short.

For example, when a client needed to organise multiple on-location field trips that would involve cars, paramedics, and accommodation in Uganda, we stepped up to the plate. It wasn’t in our original remit, but without this additional service, the client couldn’t have sent their contractors onto the field.

Resolve mobilisation issues with WRS

Need help with a project including mobilising candidates? Our experienced team will ensure everything goes to plan as candidates prepare to relocate, and once they arrive. On top of our end-to-end services, we provide tailored support to ensure satisfaction for every party. 

Find out how we can help by getting in touch today.