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Meet Our US Construction Team: How Do We Help Candidates And Clients?

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​Celebrations are in order for our US division! They recently marked their first anniversary, with a core part of their offering being the growing construction team. But what exactly do they do? And how do they help clients and candidates?

We answer these burning questions – plus a word from our US Construction Senior Vice President, Chance Smith, and Recruitment Consultant, Sam Kippen – below…

What does our construction team do?

We focus on sourcing for construction management positions. This is split into two verticals: field and office-based roles.

In the field, we mainly recruit foremans and superintendents who oversee crews. For the office side, we primarily hire project managers and estimators of all levels. Of course, there are plenty of roles in between too – from project executives to branch managers, and more.

While these positions are the bread and butter of our services, we can also support with other needs – like business development, administration, resources, accounting, and finance.

How do we help clients?

In a difficult market, we help our clients find the right talent. Without key individuals there can be delays in project timelines – ultimately hurting your bottom line. That’s why we ensure our clients have the right people on their books, when they need them.

We do our best work with commercial companies. While most of our clients are general contractors, we’re also targeting those in the electrical and mechanical field. But as we grow, we’ll be branching out into other sectors, like concrete and roofing.

An example of where our support mattered most involved a recent client that was opening up a new branch in Tennessee. They were seeking a Superintendent. Not only did we find the right candidate to speed, ultimately they were able to alleviate new branch pains from quick growth, and stay on track with their project plans.

How do we help candidates?

We enable candidates to advance their careers in the long term – and we’ll never take a happy candidate out of a comfortable situation just to place them elsewhere. That’s not up to us.

Instead, we find the perfect candidate-client match for those who aren’t content in their current position. For example, their role may not align due to:

  • A lack of career growth opportunities

  • Demanding work-life balance

  • Travel and commuting time

  • Project location

  • Unsatisfactory benefits, total employment package, or salary

What’s next for the WRS construction team?

We’re focussed on the future – we’ll be seeking to break into new markets, such as mechanical construction and other verticals, like high and low voltage. We’ll also be looking to expand our reach nationally and internationally. And whilst we currently concentrate on finding fits for permanent roles, we may move into contract positions in the coming years.

In terms of team aspirations, we’re aiming for the stars – our goal is to hire 10 consultants by the end of the year. Given we’ve gone from three to eight people within just a few weeks, we’re more than on track! And by 2025, we’re looking to reach 20. With these growth plans, we’re striving for ambitious revenue aims too – making us the one-stop choice for workforce solutions.

What’s the most rewarding part about working at WRS?

“The sense of ownership. I can work with our US Operations Director, Fran, and CEO, Mark, to build the business, which makes you feel like you also own it. The commission structure is incredibly financially rewarding – there’s no cap or limit.” – Sam Kippen

“I’ve really enjoyed being part of the team’s growth in its early stages. It’s been great to see other consultants progress in their careers and achieve their goals. I also love the family feel of the team – it’s very much a work hard/play hard environment.” – Chance Smith

Turn to our US construction team

We’re always striving for success and growth here at WRS – and as ever, we’re focused on finding that perfect client-candidate match. So if you’re a construction professional looking to advance your career, then reach out to us.

Got construction hiring needs? We’d love to hear from you too – get in touch today.