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How To Get A Work Visa In Germany

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​Hiring in Germany? If your contractors don’t have full-time residential status there, you’ll need to submit an application for a work permit – without one, non-EU/EEA citizens won’t be able to work in Germany.

A contract will need to be issued to the candidate first. So what does the rest of the process look like? And why does Germany make the ideal project location? We explore more below.

Why choose Germany?

There are plenty of attractive reasons to consider working in Germany, for example;

  • Minimum wage is €12 per hour

  • 13th month bonus (an additional wage usually equating to one month’s salary)

  • 40-hour working week

  • 20 days’ holiday

  • 100% sick pay offered through the employer for 6 weeks

Their taxation system is also an enticing factor:

  • German income tax system: Progressive – tax rate rises with taxable income.

  • Property sales tax: This one-off tax applies to those purchasing property valued above €2,500, with the rate varying between federal states (3.5-6.5% of the value).

  • Inheritance and gift tax: The worker will be taxed for any assets received. Depending on the value of inheritance, the tax rate can be between 7% to 50%.

Which visa should you choose?

There are three main types:

  1. EU Blue Card

This is for foreign academics and people with comparable qualifications. They must have a job offer for a role lasting over six months relevant to their qualification, with a gross annual salary of at least €45,300.

‘Bottleneck professions’ can also obtain an EU Blue Card with a lower gross annual salary (€41,041.80), providing the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has approved the employment. The visa is issued for the entirety of the contract plus an additional three months, up to a maximum of four years.

  1. Work visa for qualified professionals

This is for those who’ve completed qualified vocational training or a similar course outside Germany. The worker should have an offer that’s a qualified position. If they’re over the age of 45 and working in Germany for the first time, then the salary must be at least €49,830. Like the EU Blue Card, this visa is issued for the duration of the contract (and an additional three months), up to a maximum of four years.

  1. Visa for professionally experienced workers

This is for non-regulation professions that count as qualified employment. While formal recognition of a qualification in Germany isn’t necessary, it must be recognised by the government in the country where it was awarded. Plus, the worker should have two or more years of qualified professional experience within the last five years and a job offer with a minimum salary of €40,770. Unlike other visas, this one can usually be extended.

What documents are required?

You’ll need to collate paperwork to apply for the visa on behalf of the contractor, for example:

  • The worker’s passport – it must have at least two free pages, have been issued within the last 10 years, and contain a photocopy of the data page.

  • Three identical passport photos.

  • Health insurance covering the first three months of living in Germany, €30,000 in medical expenses, and repatriation to the home country.

  • Employment contract detailing the job title, salary, work responsibilities, and weekly work hours.

  • A signed invitation letter, stating key terms of the employment contract including description of employment, salary, working hours, and contract length.

  • Original university degree certificate with proof it’s recognised in Germany.

  • The employee’s CV with their professional experience and education.

  • A completed visa application form.

Secure your German work visa with WRS

We understand the time-consuming and demanding nature of work permit applications – but with our extensive experience in this area, we ensure the process happens speedily.

We’re fully registered to operate our recruitment solutions in Germany, meaning we can sort your workers with the right visa, pay them in the required currency, and make the payment process seamless with our online timesheet portal.

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