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How To Get A Work Visa In Norway

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​Considering hiring for a project in Norway? If the worker isn’t an EEA national, then you’ll need to apply for a work permit on their behalf.

In this piece, we outline what’s required for this application – plus, why more and more organisations are turning to Norway as a location for projects.

Why choose Norway?

Norway is attractive as a work location for many reasons, including:

  • There is no legal minimum wage

  • There’s no mandatory obligation for the 13th or 14th month salary payment

  • 40-hour working week

  • 21 days holiday

  • Sick pay is paid at 100% by the employer for 16 days

Candidates also benefit from the taxation system:

  • Norway income tax system: Income tax is at a rate of 22%. Though, it is progressive, with those on a lower income paying proportionately less.

  • Inheritance and gift tax: There’s no inheritance or gift tax, following its removal on 1st January 2014.

  • Property tax: This is an optional tax determined by the municipality in question. If it is imposed, then for personal and vacation homes this is at a minimum of 1% and maximum of 4%.

Which visa should you choose?

There are two main types which will depend on skill and season:

Skilled work visa

This is for those who have a job working for a Norwegian employer, with a relevant university degree, vocational training, or ‘special qualifications’ that make them eligible. It requires the role to be full-time, and to come with a pay equal to or above what a Norwegian citizen would receive. The visa is valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional two years after this time period.

Seasonal work visa

This is for those working for a short period in a role that can only be performed at a specific time of year, or for those substituting for a permanent employee. It needs an employment offer and confirmation from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

What documents are required?

There’s considerable paperwork involved in applying for the work permit on the contractor's behalf. You’ll need:

  • Worker’s passport, copies of all used pages, and two passport-sized photographs

  • Work visa application form

  • Proof of accommodation in Norway (such as a written rental contract)

  • Offer of employment form

  • Evidence the salary matches the income requirements (e.g. employment contract)

  • Verification of academic qualifications (such as a university or training diploma)

  • Proof of previous employment

  • Worker’s CV

  • Power of Attorney form

Get help from WRS with the Norway work visa

We understand firsthand that securing a worker’s visa can be time-consuming and challenging. But having organised ample applications for our clients, we know exactly how to process them fast, with minimal issues.

What’s more, we’re fully registered to provide tax services and managed payroll in Norway – our purpose-built payroll software and timesheet portal offer a seamless solution, so your workers are paid both on time, and in the correct currency.

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Disclaimer: Worldwide Recruitment Solutions does not provide visa, immigration or taxation advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended and should not be relied upon for visa, immigration or taxation advice. You should consult with a qualified immigration professional or the official government website of the country you're applying to for the most up-to-date and accurate information.