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Oil & Gas Case Studies

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Total Energies Case Study


WRS has successfully worked with Total SA since 2012, supplying manpower provision for global energies engineering, exploration, development, operations, and maintenance personnel. This agreement has enabled us to expand our business on a global scale, whilst developing our relationship with multiple EPC clients alongside their projects.


Our relationship with Total has been marked by continuous growth – even in the face of challenges, such as:

  • The downturn in the oil and gas industry

  • Tight turnaround times

  • Reduced rates due to market decline

  • Remote location operations

  • Complex host-country specific regulations

How WRS helped

We provided Total with a compliant, service-driven solution, effectively meeting demands by:

  • Reacting quickly to host-country regulation and changing markets with the support of our in-house legal and compliance teams and in-country management teams;

  • Providing industry-specific recruitment knowledge when faced with challenges;

  • Offering significantly reduced daily rates during industry downturn to accommodate client cost-reduction schemes;

  • Supplying local support where possible, with an emphasis on candidate care.

Success in Uganda and Tanzania

WRS has enabled Total’s development in Uganda and Tanzania on the Tilenga and EACOP projects for over a decade. We originally sourced all of the necessary exploration personnel in 2012 – and since then, we’ve followed the project through to execution.

In 2021, we opened a joint venture office in Uganda: WQS Recruitment Services Ltd. As a Ugandan company, our team is dedicated to servicing the requirements of the Tilenga project operator and supply chain contracts. We’re currently contracting over 750 personnel (both local and expatriates), with an aim to reach more than 1500 in 2024.

In Tanzania, we’re supporting the EACOP pipeline project using the same joint venture partner to deliver outsourced workforce solutions. From supplying local and expatriate manpower, to local employment contracting, to immigration and mobilisation, to payroll, we’re responsible for the full supply chain. Our personnel for this project is currently 350, but we aim to contract more than 1500 workers by the end of 2024.

“The service to date has been exemplary and we are happy to recommend their services to other clients in the region/globally. WRS have proven their experience in the provision of personnel for multiple roles within our exploration, development, and construction teams.” - Jacqueline Romani Urasa, Project Services Leader – Tilenga Project 

​Repsol Case Study


We’ve held a global framework agreement (GFA) with Repsol SA since 2016. The GFA covers all Repsol locations and operations worldwide, with exceptional results so far. Projects are bid out on a single or dual source basis and bid on with technical and commercial proposals for international contractor workforces.


Our Repsol projects involve exploration, development, construction, and production in remote areas – both onshore and offshore – in a number of locations:

  • Spain

  • UK

  • Brazil

  • USA

  • Norway

  • Algeria

  • Libya

We supply all levels of discipline, even in locations where the contracting, payroll, mobilisation, and immigration processes are extremely complex.

How WRS helped

By developing compliant solutions in every country of operation, we’ve armed Repsol with a fully-outsourced service to manage all contractor requirements. This involved:

  • Developing joint venture operations in-country, providing local and expatriate manpower and payrolling services.

  • Creating in-country husbandry solutions, tailored to all contractor requirements.

  • Employing WRS teams in-country to manage the contractor workforce, alongside the WRS global mobility division, responding on a 24/7 basis and effectively acting on any issue, emergency, or requirement.

  • Establishing in-country training organisations to support clients with local succession planning for all expatriate roles.

These solutions have led to an incredibly fruitful partnership - something Repsol echoed in their feedback:

“The service to date has been exemplary and we are happy to recommend WRS to other global clients. WRS have proven their experience in the provision of personnel within multiple disciplines and locations worldwide.” - Carlos Rodríguez Fernández, Repsol E&P - Procurement & Contracts

BP Case Study


Together with BP, Algeria and Norway’s national oil corporations, Sonatrach and Equinor respectively, are involved in the development and production of two of the largest gas fields in the country – in Salah and Amenas. We’ve had a joint venture with BP and Equinor for 12 years, supplying resourcing, contracting, and payroll solutions to the Sonatrach gas operation.


We faced numerous challenges due to the location and niche skills required for the project. Contractor teams were needed on tight timescales, including hard-to-fill roles. In addition, some candidates had concerns following previous terrorist attacks in Algeria.

How WRS helped

By drawing on our database of 398,640 candidates from pre-collated niche-skilled talent pools, as well as networking with industry professionals, we delivered suitably qualified and experienced contractors. Alongside this, we acted as a guide for any candidates who had concerns about safety and security in Algeria, providing information such as:

  • The safety of candidate accommodation

  • Insurance procedures

  • Contingency and emergency response plans

We’ve been successful in managing a rotating contractor workforce throughout our relationship with Equinor and BP – but, we don’t rest on laurels. We schedule quarterly KPI performance reviews against roles received and profiles delivered to ensure continuous improvement. Our drive for success and quality service has been recognised by Equinor and BP too:

“The service to date has been exemplary and we are happy to recommend their services to other clients in the global sector. WRS have proven their experience in the provision of personnel for multiple disciplines within our exploration & development teams.” - David Saint-Aubin, Personnel Coordination Support

How WRS can support you through a new challenge

Whether you’re a candidate seeking a change, or an energy firm looking to put your best foot forward, we can help. Our team are experts when it comes to finding the ideal client-candidate match –get in touch today.