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Mary Sabri
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Mary Sabri

HR Operations Manager, Kurdistan

​Hi, I'm Mary and as the Country HR Operations Manager at WRS, I provide comprehensive HR services, including recruitment, payroll management, market salary surveys, employee training programs, and HR consultancy.

I specialise in people and culture management and supporting CIPD associate students. With a successful record of working on HR projects such as employee engagement programs, diversity, and inclusion efforts and organisational development initiatives.

The best things about working with WRS include:

  • Diversity: focus on diversity promotes a more inclusive and culturally rich work environment

  • Exposure to different work styles and practices: to learn about different work styles, practices, and approaches.

  • Helping the jobseekers: that feeling of placing candidates in their dream job is very motivating.

My dream dinner party guests all inspire society through their humanity deeds, Husham Al Thahabi (The Iraqi father of homeless children), Leonardo DiCaprio, and Frank Caprio. I'd also have singing during the dinner party Kadim Al Sahir.

If I wasn't working in recruitment I'd be working in the International Diplomacy Sector or I would be a Legal Specialist Parliament Member.

If I won the lottery I would create a charity for homeless children, elderly people and skilled working women. The aim would be to provide all generations with a safe and secure enviroment alongside increased opportunities to work.