WRS World Food Day

World Food Day

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18 May 2023 08:00-17:00 WRS HQ

On Thursday the 18th of May, our UK team will explore food from around the world to raise money for the team's chosen charity. We've asked the team to bring in and share their favourite foods from around the world.

We created this event to inspire our people to learn more about different foods and cultures, and even try them for themselves.

The UK team can either bring in delicacies for sale, or they can purchase a number of sweet and savory treats from our HQ in South Manchester.

​The money from every item sold will go towards supporting a UK charity in need of donations.

If you want to see more, check out our other upcoming events.

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    ​I have been working with WRS for the last 8 years and I am very happy with how you handle the situation of Marine crew. ​

    Rohan Deepak Satam
    Rohan Deepak Satam Maritime
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    ​Very happy being part of WRS!

    Dimitar Tomov
    Dimitar Tomov ETO
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    ​Highly appreciate WRS's service. Absolutely fantastic!

    Judy Maco
    Judy Maco Chief Officer
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    ​Pleasant experience working with WRS! ​

    Antonio PERUGA
    Antonio PERUGA AB Seaman
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    ​Very good teamwork. WRS you are the best!!!

    Stanislav Zienin
    Stanislav Zienin Stage 2/3 Crane Operator
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    ​"ZITON has experience working with WRS on multiple occasions. All have been characterized by quick responses and delivery, high quality and fruitful cooperation, from first contact to end of project."

    OPS Department Team