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2nd Officer DPO Unlimited

Job description

2nd Officer DPO - Mexico

WRS are looking for a 2nd Officer DPO to join a Walk to Work Vessel in Mexico for 24th June for a 2 Month contract.

Work Scope: Walk to work and flotel plus cargo transfer to two oil platforms.
Ships Charter: 6 months firm plus 1 month options.

-USA Visa would be advantageous
-DP Unlimited
-OOW Unlimited
-Valid Medical
-Seamans Book

On Target Earnings Pay Rates (OTE)
Your OTE Pay is €287.05 per day on a consolidated basis paid Gross (free of tax deductions), This OTE pay is made up of the following:

1. Consolidated Rate of Pay
€252.00 per day and always becomes applicable when the ship is preparing for or on a charter contract, and during mobilisation and de-mobilization voyages when we are receiving mobilisation or de-mobilization fees.

2. Sea Time Pay
€35.05 per day calculated on a 24-hour pro rata for part days while at sea or anchorage. Paid one month in arrears.

NOTE - ‘Off Hire’ Pay
In the event that the ship is to be laid up or taken off-hire due to a breakdown, your pay will be reduced to €224.00 per day. This is only applicable when the ship is off-hire. Please note that Vessel mobilisation, reactivation and transit voyages to/from charter contracts are treated as ‘On-Hire Time’ and you will be paid at the full rate. The ‘Off Hire’ rate is only applied in the event the ship is not ‘On-Hire’ and not on a fee-paying mobilisation or de-mobilisation voyage. This is calculated automatically and applied according to the vessel's daily reports.

Crew benefits include:
§ Monthly pay (always on time!)
§ No tax deductions
§ Flights and travel are all paid plus reasonable expenses
§ A first-class European vessel owner
§ Quality vessels with excellent onboard conditions and catering
§ Unlimited WIFI to keep in touch with family and friends
§ A family business