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Climate Change Specialist

Job description

Job Title: Climate Change Specialist
Location:  Erbil, Iraq
Position Type: Full-Time
Open to:  Locals only 

Job Summary:

Responsible for leading and implementing climate change initiatives in the Kurdistan region. Your role will involve staying abreast of the latest climate change research, designing and executing programs, and collaborating with stakeholders to address climate-related challenges.


-Conduct in-depth analyses to identify climate change trends, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in the Kurdistan region.
-Develop and implement innovative climate change programs that align with the NGO's mission and goals.
-Stay informed about the latest developments and studies related to climate change, including scientific findings, policy changes, and technological advancements.
-Design initiatives that address local climate challenges, with a focus on adaptation and mitigation strategies.
-Collaborate with local government agencies, community leaders, businesses, and other NGOs to build partnerships and ensure a coordinated approach to climate action.
-Organize workshops, forums, and events to raise awareness and facilitate discussions on climate change.
-Advocate for effective climate policies at the local and regional levels.
-Regularly report on progress and outcomes, identifying areas for improvement.
-Engage with policymakers and contribute to the development of climate-related policies and regulations.


-Advanced degree in environmental science, climate science, or a related field.
-Proven experience working on climate change issues, with a focus on program development and implementation.
-Familiarity with the socio-economic and environmental context of the Kurdistan region.
-Strong analytical and research skills, with the ability to synthesize complex information.
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
-Native Kurdish & fluent in English.