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Community Outreach Officer - Duhok & Zakho

Job description

Community Outreach Officer

Working Conditions:
- Part-time Job (4 hours a day)
Working days:
- Sunday to Thursday and 20 hours per week.

Job Description: Overview: The Community Outreach Officer is responsible for enhancing the engagement and coordination of volunteers across various cities in the Kurdistan Region, particularly during events. This role entails the management of communication channels between volunteers, event venues, and necessary governmental or non-governmental entities for permissions and logistics.
Responsibilities: 1. Develop and implement compelling recruitment campaigns using diverse channels such as social media, community outreach and partnerships with local organizations.
2. Implement retention strategies and feedback mechanisms to enhance volunteer satisfaction and loyalty.
3. Serve as the primary point of contact for all volunteers and maintain regular communication with them via phone calls and in-person meetings to provide updates and address inquiries promptly.
4. Ensuring volunteers receive comprehensive onboarding and orientation to align with organizational goals and event requirements.
5. Identifying suitable event venues, coordinating event logistics, technical requirements, overseeing onsite activities and ensure smooth running of the events.
6. Research regulatory requirements and obtain permissions, licenses as necessary for each event. And maintaining compliance with local laws and regulations to mitigate risks and ascertain safe and successful event
7. Act as a liaison between volunteers, venue staff and other stakeholders to coordinate logistics, resolve issues and ensure alignment with even goals.
8. Maintain positive relationships through clear communications, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the even planning process.
9. Managing schedules, sending timely reminders and updates to volunteers and stakeholders to ensure attendance and smooth event management.
10. Identifying and addressing volunteers’ concerns proactively, providing timely support and guidance to mitigate challenges. And maintain morale and productivity among volunteers.
Requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as social work, youth development, public relations, communications or related area.
2. Passion for youth empowerment and social change, with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and other relevant software applications.
4. Fluency in written and spoken Kurdish and English languages. Additional language skills may be advantageous.
5. Proven experience in volunteer management and event coordination is desirable.
6. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
7. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with meticulous attention to detail.
8. Experience in crisis management and problem-solving is desirable
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of the non-profit sector and volunteerism.