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Finance Group Lead

Job description

Finance Group Leader/Manager
We are seeking a Finance Group Leader to join the  Finance & Asset Management Department of a Japanese renewable energy group.

Job Description

In order to expand renewable energy power sources in Japan and overseas toward carbon neutrality, this position is to formulate and execute company-wide financial strategies with members of multinational group companies.
In preparation for the IPO, I was able to be involved in considering new sustainable finance (not only existing frameworks such as green bonds) from the planning stage.
We can work on new financing such as leading offshore wind power, storage batteries, non-FIT, and digital businesses. You will be responsible for either corporate finance or project finance.
(Depending on the person's wishes and ability, it is also possible to hold a concurrent position)

Corporate Finance (CF):

・Formulation of company-wide finance strategy (debt/equity, sustainable finance)
・Building and deepening relationships with banks and securities companies
・Executing borrowings, issuing corporate bonds (several hundred million yen to several tens of billions of yen/case scale), foreign exchange transactions
・Equity finance (private round, IPO)
・Collaboration with PF especially in non-FIT power generation business

Project Finance (PF):
・Development of PF formation strategy (FIT/non-FIT solar power, onshore/offshore wind power, storage batteries, etc)
・Collaboration with development/EPC/AM/O&M as an in-house project member
・PF composition of renewable energy power generation business (lender/bond arranger selection, documentation, closing) (hundreds of millions to billions of yen/project scale)
・Collaboration with CF especially in non-FIT power generation business
Work Experience / Qualifications

Mandatory requirements

Corporate loan business at mega/regional/foreign banks
Finance and IR operations at operating companies
Track record of project finance arrangements
Business development, M&A, and finance experience at general trading companies, investment banks, etc.

Welcome Experience

Work experience in the finance team of a renewable energy company
Experience in arranging project finance at a financial institution
What We Can Offer

・We will provide the excitement of taking on challenges with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT/AI and blockchain at the forefront of the transformation of the energy industry.
We offer the highest degree of freedom imaginable, including full remote work and flex without core hours.
・Depending on your wishes, we will provide opportunities for international activities by being involved in overseas projects.

Competitive annual income
・Annual Income/Work Style Negotiable
・Band (role) review: Twice a year
・Trial period: 6 months
・Annual salary increase available
・ Premium wages for overtime work exceeding the fixed overtime rate (45 hours) are additionally paid.


・Complete social insurance
・There is a flextime system (no core time)
・Transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen per month)
・Able to work from home
・Side jobs allowed (contact us for details)
・Qualification assistance available
・Congratulatory or condolence money available
・Welfare insurance participation
・Bicycle commuting expenses paid
・Relocation Allowance/Moving Regulations Available
・There is a career navigation system (in-house transfer system)
Location: Tokyo or Fukuoka

・ In principle, it is possible to work from home.
・ Commuting expenses will be paid up to 50,000 yen per month.
・ There is business trip about 0-2 times a month
Working Hours and Holidays / Vacations:

・Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, special leave (congratulatory or condolence leave, childcare/nursing leave, etc.)
・Annual paid vacation
(From the first month after joining the company, 1 day will be granted each month, and 7 days will be granted in the 6th month. After that, 13 to 20 days will be granted every year.)
・Natural energy leave
(Based on the spirit of mind, technique and body, 7 days of paid leave are granted per year.)

Heart: Time for self-development (2 days)
Technique: Time to raise business skills (2 days)
Physical: Time for self-health management such as sports (2 days)
Kizuna: Time spent with family (1 day)