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Senior Wellsite Geologist - Uganda

Job description

Senior Wellsite Geologist - Uganda

On behalf of a major Oil & Gas operator, WRS are looking for a Senior Wellsite Geologist to work in Uganda on a contract, rotational basis. This will be an 18 month contract, on a 28/28 rotation, paying a day rate in USD.

The role will report to the Project Operations Geology Coordinator.

Job Duties:
  • Perform well data quality control and validation at the wellsite.
  • Predict and evaluate the geological hazards such as formation pressure, gains, losses, caving, differential sticking, acid gas, swelling clay, shallow gas, etc.
  • Detect reservoirs and evaluate the fluid content (quick look interpretation).
  • Ensure correct data communication at the well site by reporting in due times any event with potential consequence on the project achievement.
  • Supervise all well data acquisition such as mudlogging, LWD, electrical logging, coring, solid and fluid sampling (cuttings, cores, side wall cores, gas, oil, formation water, mud, etc), pressure measurements, VSP, etc in accordance with the well data acquisition program as defined in the WSOR
  • Ensuring on the rig site that all geological operations are carried out in strict respect of the HSE regulations
  • Ensuring on the rig site that the operations are performed in accordance with the well objectives as defined during the WSOR process.
  • Contributing actively to the well safety through proper implementation of real time detection techniques of drilling hazards.
  • Ensuring an accurate and detailed reporting of all matters related to geological operations on the rig site.
Candidate requirements
  • Minimum BSc Hons Degree in Geology or other geosciences disciplines 
  • At least 10 years of experience in the Wellsite Geology domain 
  • A strong ability to work in a cross functional environment, excellent communication skills
  • Previous experience workign for an operator
  • Experience working on remote onshore drilling projects
If you are interested, please apply