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Traveling Construction Superintendent (Restoration) - Bradenton, FL

Job description

Job Description

Looking for a motivated individual to be a traveling Construction Superintendent that works well in a team environment. You will be managing construction suppliers, building inspections, and subcontractors' scheduling and quality inspections for large, orchestrated restoration projects.

The job is very fast paced and will need a very well-rounded person to be successful. Values that we look for in an employee are Growth Orientated, Process Driven, Fluid, Team Oriented, and a Get it Done Attitude.

Responsibilities will include:

Establish and maintain quality working relationships with personnel from ALL facets of project. Sub contractors, various engineering teams, inspectors, clients, and colleagues within our own company.

Successfully communicating with the customers and residents

Making sure the jobs stay on schedule

Ensuring a high quality of work from our workers and subcontractors

Building and maintaining a good relationship with the county inspectors

Managing material

Accurate communicating with the office on completed work, change orders, documentation, daily logs, etc.

Skills needed to be Successful:

Read and understand construction plans and specifications

Competent in comprehension and understanding of safety and OSHA rules

Willingness to constantly get better

The drive to get things done by any means necessary

Constantly educate yourself and strive to learn more everyday

Communicate Efficiently โ€” Be able to manage through all personality types, properly draft an email and be able to use excel and Microsoft word

Ability to be proactive and solve problems before they occur