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November Newsletter

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At WRS, success is not just a goal; it is our commitment to navigating challenges and fostering progress. In our 15th year, we are soaring high by relentlessly focusing on driving advancements. Our dedication reflects in empowering clients' projects and elevating candidates' careers. In this edition of our monthly blog, you will see a spotlight on our triumphs at WRS.

WRS Update

Fundraising Update

This year, our fundraising activities have been a great success, from scaling peaks to supporting causes. Notably, we raised over £500 for MIND UK through the Three Peaks Challenge and chose MIK Foundation as our charity, culminating in a team visit to East Africa this week.

Click here to view our upcoming fundraising events.

OECC 2023 Attendance

On November 28th and 29th, our team headed to Amsterdam to attend the 2023 Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference, also known as OECC. Events like this are an integral part of our commitment to advancing offshore and onshore renewable energy projects globally.

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Marking Achievements and Progress

National Career Development Month

November spotlighted our training initiatives, enriching opportunities that empower our clients and candidates to make impactful strides in their careers and contributions.

Potluck at WRS US

For the very first time our USA team enjoyed a Potluck Feast at our Tampa HQ, it was a delightful celebration of Thanksgiving, and it will definitely become an annual tradition in our event calendar. With cuisine ranging from traditional American casseroles to Lancashire cheese and onion pie, it was fantastic to celebrate the unique stories of each dish and diversity.

This Month's Work Anniversaries

November marked the work anniversaries of six team members, highlighting their commitment to WRS.

  • Emma Upton – 8 years

  • Richard Baille-Gray – 7 years

  • Ruel Briscoe – 4 years

  • Tracey Ackroyd – 1 year

  • Richard Goodwin-Robertson – 1 year

  • Callum Hird – 1 year

A big thank you to you all for your efforts!