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A Day in the Life of... a 2nd Engineer.

Posted by: Scott Redfern

Anton Rivai is a 2nd Engineer for Arkstar Offshore who currently works on board Arkstar's Eagle 1 vessel. Anton is currently working out of Abu Dhabi,supplying rigs operated by Paragon Offshore — that are contracted by ESNAAD, who are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). We recently got to ask Anton some questions about his experience as a 2nd Engineer. 

Describe some of the interesting things that happen during your time on board.
Well! My time on board so far has been a pleasant experience, because all of my colleagues are competent and very supportive. To me, one of the interesting memories of my stay on board so far was when the ship had to visit the dock to fit a new crane, and there were many personnel involved in the job, including fire officers, hydraulics specialists, etc. Coordinating with them and refreshing my knowledge with these people, as well as learning new things, is something that I cherish, and will remember for a long time to come. 

How long are your working hours and are the hours very demanding?
My working shift is for 12 hours of work. These hours are very demanding, involving the loading and discharging of cargo, fuel, and water. The discharging of bulk cargo requires continuous monitoring. I am also on call in case any major problems arise in the engine room, and in case the Duty Engineer cannot solve the problem. 

What are some of the challenges in your role?
Bunkering and de-bunkering are among the challenging responsibilities on board due to the serious rules and regulations on oil spillage, which were implemented by MARPOL73/78. Troubleshooting main engines is also challenging, since we are always required to run on schedule, in order to allows seamless operation.  

How do you relieve stress on board?
I listen to music, watch movies, and communicate with family members and friends. I always try to maintain a friendly environment on board by developing a good rapport with my crew through sharing our experiences. On board, we follow the standard operating procedures, which prevent tough moments from causing stress.  

What are some of the activities you do after your work shift?
After working hours I always indulge myself in some entertainment, such as watching movies.

Thanks for your time, Anton!

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